Abuja i-Believe Carnival

Nov. 7th - 11th, 2024





November 7th - 11th, 2024


The I Believe Carnival - Abuja 2024 is a global event promoting Nigeria's potential in arts, fashion, academia, and socioeconomic diversity. It aims to attract visitors, industries, corporate entities, and international organizations, raising awareness of Abuja as a destination for global brands. The carnival offers programs on entrepreneurship, leadership, community development, networking, and collaboration, promoting tourism, commerce, investment, and cultural excellence globally.
The ABUJA I BELIEVE CARNIVAL is a celebration of Nigeria's diversity, unity, and excellence. The theme is "Celebration of Diversity and Unity in Renewed Hope," highlighting the nation's heritage and the endless possibilities it holds. The carnival will take place at the Abuja Continental Hotel and BMO Central Park, featuring a mix of traditional and modern music, dances, and performances from various ethnic groups. The event encourages unity and acceptance of diversity, urging people to abandon divisions and work together towards a common destiny. The carnival encourages hope and resilience, urging people to accept their diverse heritage and work together to build a better and more successful nation. The event encourages people to prepare to witness the miracle unfold before their eyes and celebrate the cultural richness of Nigeria.

Voices of Anticipation: Excitement Builds for the Abuja I Believe Carnival

Community Members Share Their Enthusiasm for the Upcoming Abuja I Believe Carnival


The valuable speakers who will speak at the Business Summit

Niyi Adesanyan

Business Re-engineering Consultant

HON Dayo Ben-Laniyi

Mandate Secretary Women Affairs Secretariat Of FCTA

Mr. Imal Silva

Founder Treasures 4 Life

Maxwell Omar Gabari

C.E.O, Adcelerate Limited


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